Dogs: Property or Family?

While I wrote on this topic for the Huffington Post, it’s official.  A landmark law passed in the state of Oregon, granting dogs “legal significance.”  What does this mean?  Oregon recognizes that dogs can experience feelings and pain and will prosecute those who hurt, bring harm or kill them.

Does your pet suffer from “acoustic stress?” If so you’re likely worried about how your dog will handle this weekend’s celebrations.  Start by reading my Fourth of July tips posted here on my blog and on my new Quick and Dirty Tips blog as well;  then discover how a town in Italy voted for silent fireworks in honor of their beloved pets.

Now I like the sound of that!

Finally, back in the states in Columbus, Ohio, a new law passed allows firefighters or paramedics to be trained in and provide basic first aid to dogs and cats rescued from house fires, car accidents or other crisis situations. Before only licensed veterinarians could do that.

Signing off for the weekend!  I hope you and all your family members, those with fur and without, have a enjoyable long weekend.

And don’t forget—if you have news to share let me be the first to hear it!  

Sarah Hodgson