Fireworks & Dogs: Insuring a Rapid Recovery

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Whether your dog has been stressed by booms in the night sky or your upside down schedule this past weekend, her behavior might be a little off kilter after anything that upsets her daily routine.

If you're feeling bewildered, you’re not alone. Use these tips to help your dog find her happy place.


Before we focus on your dog, consider how you feel when your day is thrown for a loop.

For you it might be the day after a few too many, visitor's leave, or an illness that has seized your family’s well -being. Whatever it is, everyone has their own personal list of pastimes and activities that bring them back to their happy place.


Your dog is no different. If yours could talk, what would she put on her passion list? A hike? A off-lead romp? A game of fetch? A swim? A trip to the dog park?


Like us, dogs prioritize food. Meals are necessary, but snacks can have extra value. Select a few of your dog's favorites to reconnect over games and fun. Choose 5 of your dog's favorite routines; from favorite obedience words like sit, stay and come, to tricks she loves to perform, like paw, speak and roll over.


If your dog has been well socialized, responds off leash or when secured to a long line, take her on a new adventure! Discover a new trail, park, or dog friendly town to boost her enthusiasm and spend some quality time together.

In my book, Modern Dog Parenting, I devote an early section of the book to discovering your dog's passion. Whether dog or person, doing what you love will always brings you back to your happy place.

Eager to learn off leash skills with your dog? Consider  Day Training available within my region and other places too!

Sarah Hodgson