"Green" Cleaning for Dog Lovers

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If you're a fan of homeopathic remedies, we have a lot in common.  I'm a fan of anything that has few if any side effects, doesn't cost a lot and, most importantly, works!   

I used the crushed leaf of a citronella plant to ward off mosquitoes, spoon broth for colds and swoosh baking soda as a mouth freshener.

But I'm here today to talk dog and to let you in on a secret.  Or three secrets.  With this arsenal, I believe, you can solve nearly all your dog problems the natural way.

Sidenote: None of these day-to-day remedies take the place of consulting with your veterinarian or DBS (dog behavior specialist) for serious illness, prevented care, aggression or training.

Hot Boiling Water          

As far as stains go, did you know you don't need to spend a dime to lift even the most stubborn stains from any surface.  Although it doesn't modify odors, if your dog poops or ejects any other body fluid in your home, gather a rag or a roll of paper towels and a large kettle of boiling water.  Time to go face to face with even your worst stains!  Pour-&-dab, pour-&-dab, pour-&-dab.  As you pour, watch and be amazed! The boiling water separates the stain from the fabric.  Nothing short of a miracle, but be quick.  Once the stain sets, it binds to the fabric and will not work as well.


Another fabulous miracle product, I've always used vinegar to clean my wood floors and furniture, and to mask scratch marks made by my kids and claws.  But did you know?  Long before the words "specialized enzymatic formula" crept into our lexicon, people used vinegar to mask pet odor stain.  Finally, as may pets find the aroma unpleasant, making full strength vinegar can be useful to deter inappropriate chewing too.

Oregano Oil      

I first started using oregano oil as a natural antibiotic for everyday cuts and scrapes; I put it in the diffuser by whenever a family member or I suffer a cold.  Although you can read more about it, I soon discovered it had a similar effect on my dogs, who after suffering a scrap or small abrasion, responded as well to a rub of diluted oregano oil. While gushing wounds sent me racing to the doctor or vets, non-threatening scrapes became easier for me to tolerate and handle.  

Then I noticed the most powerful of insights.  Dogs do not like oregano oil one bit.  I started using it to prevent digging as described in my Huffington Post article.  I dabbed it on counter tops and discretely sprayed mists to ward off car jumper and the swimmers-pool ambush.  I used it with my dogs to deter many things, most recently my 90-pound puppy's table leg obsession. Although no research has been done, there is no denying, something is there! 

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What homeopathic remedies do you swear by?  Share them below now!  Let's all compare and get the conversations started!  

Sarah Hodgson